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The event will start on the Date/Time you entered in the main section of the Event Editor, and repeat each day until the Date you enter in the Repeat Until field.

In today’s mobile world, taking advantage of every type of digital data sharing possible is important, and video is king.

Here are some sites that allow you to share your videos, although bare in mind to think about keywords and tags that people may be searching for to have a good chance of “natural traffic”.

Scoring system : 10-9 Excellent 8-6 Good 5-4 Average 3-2 Poor 1-0 Bad#10.

The client has got a pretty basic package, but more than enough for what they need to start out.

The host should realise that these type of customers are likely soon enough to want to upgrade to a better deal, with more bandwidth, web space and features.

The Event Editor may display additional options depending on which radio button you select.

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Ever heard someone say, “If you want to remember something, you must hear it, see it, and say it at least three times”?Research suggests that sites with Internet video components gain higher rankings in the SERPS (search engine result pages)––we want you to have those rankings.Google and AOL conducted a study by using the global market insight and information group TNS to gather data on visual media use on the Internet.[ Top Ten Video Sharing Websites ]Videos are a great way to gain a larger audience and grab attention.People often don’t want to read big walls of text so it’s good to be able to interact with people through videos.If you select All Day in the Time section of the Event Editor, then each recurrence of your event will be All Day.


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