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The three phones stay in sync as chipset makers like Qualcomm update their drivers and HTC plans its development process.Things start to diverge when HTC begins integrating its custom services.After a bit of updating, it would say that the update failed, and it would just revert back to the old OS.Frustrated, I said that I would try again later, and uninstalled/deleted everything that I had downloaded. What can I do to circumvent this and successfully update? SOLVED: OK I couldn't get this update either tried moving as much as I could to the SD card had over 16GB free still wouldn't work till I wiped the cache.My HTC One M8 phone has just gotten the Android 6 update (like a week or few ago). However, I was the confronted with this screen (sorry for the poor resolution, I took it with my i Pad since I couldn't screenshot): I tried to do this multiple times (including recently, which is when I took the photo), and the same thing kept happening.I contacted HTC support, and someone told me to download a ROM onto my laptop and update from my laptop. Please check More Tips or Trending Topics for an answer or try rephrasing your question.

Before you update your phone, make sure your battery is fully charged.

The HTC Desire 526 balances the features you love with the value you want.

HTC Blink Feed® lets you tailor your Home screen to your tastes, with updated social posts from friends. Powered by America’s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network.

You can then download and install the software update to your phone.

If you have switched this feature off then you should search for updates manually.


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