Two introverts dating living dating in the dark application

Illustrator Maureen “Marzi” Wilson, the woman behind the comic series Introvert Doodles, captures the pitfalls of dating as an introvert perfectly.

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Introverts can also make excellent partners for extroverts — helping to slow the "party on wheels" extrovert down, resulting in much needed relaxation time. Since that never happens to me (and because it made me feel like a bouncy, shiny-haired cheerleader for the first time ever), I pushed myself to accept all the offers. If awful dates, which your friends seem to be able to turn into funny anecdotes on a dime, seem catastrophic to you, that’s okay too. And while we’re on the subject of dating fears, it’s okay if you want to cancel. It’s important, first and foremost, to set some personal boundaries with yourself. It was a strange, atypical situation where a lot of fellas seemed determined to meet yours truly. Ignore your mother when she hounds you about grandchildren.Introversion and extroversion, like other personality traits, exist on a continuum.Imagine a horizontal line with introversion at one end and extroversion on the other.“You’ll notice that she’s often single and happy about it, though she’s occasionally on the prowl, and sometimes in a relationship.


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