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Session clustering works but I am not able to set up proper session fixation protection.

Obviously, one user being able to take over another user’s account is a . Any existing session information that needs to be retained is moved to temporary location 4. Check for session fixation if a user tries to use an existing session ID already in use from another IP address (requires maintaining this data in some type of map) 3.

NET: The authentication does not have a "session" on the server, so if a valid auth cookie is received by the server the authentication is considered to be successfully completed.

Abandon(); Regenerating the session using Session Id Manager How can then session and authentication state be "deleted" from the server, so if a browser resends the same id in a cookie, this is not recognized and thus considered invalid? Yes, both the authentication and the session management has some vulnerabilities in ASP. Aware Web Filter and test fails in last line (when comparing Hazelcast session ids) on 3.6.2 tag version of Hazelcast. Also, I checked Hazelcast's sample for integration with Spring Security (

Servlet sessions, used to track state information for users over multiple requests and responses, were introduced in "What are Servlet Sessions (User Sessions) Used For? The following sections provide details and examples, including use of session attributes and cookies: interface.


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