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You need to be sincere and open and tell us in your profile a little about you!

Photo is the first thing lady will see, please remember it!

The tried and tested method for diverting attention away from your most awkward moments, grabbing your smartphone and busily opening apps, checking Facebook/Twitter and pretending to text your friends is a good way of letting the other people in this restaurant know that you didn’t need her anyway, and that even though she’s clearly decided at the last minute that you’re really not suitable dating material, your excessive smartphone usage indicates that you’re a fun guy with a healthy social life and you absolutely aren’t going to die alone. You know that when they venture back into the kitchen after the third attempt at asking whether you’re ready to order, they’re probably all talking about you, potentially laughing behind your back and discussing how much of a loser you are. When the waiter next pops up to ask you in an increasingly impatient tone whether you want to order your starter, reply: “Not just yet, I’m waiting for my co-workers. They’re late.”This will ensure that the waiter now believes that you aren’t on a date after all, but rather you’re waiting for a very important meeting that just so happens to be taking place in a restaurant most regularly frequented by couples.

The first people to notice that you’ve been stood up will be the restaurant’s staff, as they’re desperate to take your order so that you leave their establishment quicker and they can lock up and go to bed.

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