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If you are qualified you shouldn’t have any troubles getting a job and by qualified I mean that you have a university degree, a CELTA or TESL certificate and some teaching experience.

It’s a perfect job for those who have taught English overseas and are now looking for work back home.

Last year I quit my job as an ESL Teacher in a classroom to teach ESL online.

So you can prepare abasket on mobile or desktopand checkout on either!

My students come from all over the world, but mainly are from Brazil, Japan, Russia, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. ) as it sounds, it is true: I get paid to chat on Skype! Here is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to break into this market and start working from home.

The first question you need to answer is: Do you want a job or do you want a career?

Most importantly, there is a demand for more ESL teachers online because many simply do not know where to look for jobs. I taught groups of 6 Chinese children through web-conferencing software.

The children were absolute beginners so we worked our way through phonics lessons and beginner vocabulary.


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