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How do you get Access to store the result of a calculation?

For example, if you have fields named Quantity and Unit Price, how do you get Access to write Quantity * Unit Price to another field called Amount? " Calculated columns are part of life on a spreadsheet, but do not belong in a database table.

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With that said; however, there are times wherein such information needs to be recorded for history such as when the begin date or duration may change but you may need to recall the result at some point in the future; thus, why I ask why you need to save the result of the calculation and if the values in th fields are stable or will change with time?

In addition, you might want to sort the table that is based on the book titles.

Because many book titles begin with "A", "An", or "The", you most likely want to ignore these and sort on the book title without them.

It might be useful to use a calculated column for the author’s full name, and for the sortable book title.

This Visual How To shows how to create both of these calculated columns.


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