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This and other initiatives to curb the problem have had little impact, with student prostitution now a major underground industry involving both foreign and Malay students.Local Malay girls who take up study in Kuala Lumpur usually come from “outstation” or towns outside Klang Valley, where the nation’s capital Kuala Lumpur is situated, and suddenly find themselves in the middle of a vibrant city after a sheltered life at home.But as they said goodbye at the end of October 2013, a chill crept over her.“I cannot account for it but I thought: I’m never going to see you again. He walked to the end of the drive and turned and waved and I could see his bottom lip shaking.” Seven months later, Gareth Huntley’s body was found yards from a kayak storage shed at the Juara Turtle Project where he had been working as a project volunteer on the Malaysian island of Tioman. All sorts of theories sprang up during the search for him.However, student prostitution, even by the Government’s own admission, is rampant.

And after 5 minutes of chat, he would send the evergreen “Got nudes? He might be looking for the actual marriage material girl. So most of the girls are just like Pokemon to him – he wants to “collect them all”!Malaysia is one of the most conservative countries in Southeast Asia.This is very overt when you wander around the cities and see most Malaysian wearing tudungs, or head scarves.She had detached herself from the melee of journalists, rescuers and Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials and gone to sit on a rock by the sea. Anywhere to get away.” Her words sound trance-like and distant. One of his many friends, a busker, will play Here Comes the Sun, the Beatles song Gareth played to mates who were feeling down.“For the first time since we arrived on the island, I was on my own. “I can’t begin to describe how it’s been this past year”, she says at her home near Leeds. Former colleagues have been given a day of special leave to attend.8TV's line up consists of dramas, sitcoms, and reality shows either produced in Malaysia or imported from other countries, mainly in the English and Chinese languages.


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