Jay byars and chelsea meissner dating

Christina Cha, Kim Spradlin, Alicia Rose, Leif Manson, Jay Byars, Sabrina Thomson, Kat Edorsson, Troy Robertson, Chelsea Meissner and Greg Smith during ‘Survivor: One World’ televised on Wednesday, April 11, 2012.

(CBS 2012) Welcome back to Tikiana, or as it is more commonly known, “Camp Slow on the Uptake.” This historical island gets its name from the male members of the tribe who, outnumbered 4-to-6 by the women and apparently willingly participants in their own doom, are only just now beginning to realize that all is not well in the new Salani Alliance.

Uh, that’s great and all, but to take control you’ll need six and you haven’t much of a prayer of getting any defectors.

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Obviously the teams living RIGHT next to each other is going to make for some interesting alliances, rivalries, conflicts and – judging by the total eye candy of the contestants that CBS rounded up this year – you can only imagine producers *hoping* for some romantical dalliances.

Although given his hookup history book maybe she the last girl in Charleston as far as he’s concerned?!

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Sure – she’s cute, and she’s game for adventure, and stocks Costco crudité in her fridge for impromptu late-night visitors, but Shep is acting as if Chelsea is the last girl on Earth.


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