How to not be a pushover in dating

Throughout middle school and high school, I literally was afraid of saying the word “no.” I never spoke my mind no matter what and so I let a lot of people get away with things they should never have gotten away with.In other words, I was a total pushover for the majority of my life.We seem to put other people's happiness and convenience over our own.May it be because we love them, and we just want to keep pleasing them, or because we're afraid to disappoint them.Between her poor treatment of me and her lying, I decided I had to leave or go insane.After some time apart, the greater part of a year, Kacey messaged me, wanting to be friends.

A few months into our relationship, I started to get irritated with him and I couldn’t put my finger on the problem.And while you should obviously do favors for people, you don't have an obligation to fulfill every favor asked of you.Don't say yes if it's going to put you out of your way or make things more difficult for you.Hey Doc, I read one of your articles and figured I would ask you for some coaching before purchasing your book.I am at heart a nice guy, and, as I have discovered, this appears to be my main problem.Now that we’ve been dating for a while, making all the decisions is starting to get old. My boyfriend tends to avoid spontaneity at all costs because he can’t predict the outcome.


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