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You cry and complain about how horribly he treats you and lean on the nice guys shoulder.

I want to find a ve lady for friendship and marriage.

Am a single 45 Kenyan - American man who lives in USA but I am in East Africa several.

Poetry In Motion Oh to be the bee on the flower Watching insects work in tandem While others beat to a different drummer Oh to be the bird on a limb Watching neighbors love and be loved While others are in painful desperations of love Oh to be the eagle in the sky Watching countries love and be loved While others are in painful desperations of peace Oh to be God above Watching universes and life forms begin While others are colliding for their own fate Oh to be the master surrounding Watching peace, love and harmony unite While others still yearning to see. This blog was made with the intention of informing people why I am the downrater. For those of you that believe you do.....maybe you should look into the mirror. People on Fubar need to get a grip on life and stop taking all of this sooooo seriously. Everyone out there has someone out there that shares a part of their soul.

Poems Amazing that I took a chance You respond We talk and find out We are connected In ways that are unique Amazing that you are A light that illuminated the darkness in my heart A voice to break my silence A name to familiar face that I have never seen Warmth to eliminate the cold reaches of my soul An awakening of new feelings and sensations Familiar yet new Exciting that your all I think about Go to sleep thinking of you holding me close Waking up missing you Needing to hear your voice just to get through the day Gentle eyes and a wonderful smile Amazing that I sent you a message and you Respond January 18, 2008 Moragan Croew Dedicated to DA B. The process is simple, when I view random pics via "Bored" section of Fubar, I see pics that don't deserve a 10; so I rate them according to "MY" rating system. Everyone here probably has a personality that deserves an 11, but the pics are not up to that standard, at least not on my scale. As I Think Well people i must say that my life is like getting crazy it really is now, i just find myself reinlisting in the army for another 6 years, yea it was a good idea at one point in time but now i am sitting here thing was it a real good idea.


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    In , 2016 ABCA 111 (Can LII), the Alberta Court of Appeal (Justices Rowbotham, Wakeling and Schutz) made a “comprehensive consideration of the language used in the legislation, the scheme of the legislation, and its objects”, and concluded that this definition does not include persons who have been involved in an intimate relationship without residing together and do not fall within the definition of “adult interdependent partner” in the nor at the appeal.

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    It's a big world and the Single Parent community wants to help you connect with singles in your area.