Dating old maps

Dating a Bartholomew Half-inch map can be problematic.

In some cases it may only be possible to establish an approximate date of publication, by using other data on the sheet: Before 1911 no date was included on the map and one has to make an estimate from the information depicted, or possibly by the advertising on the map covers.

In some cases a 4 digit job number is given, usually against the margin in the bottom left corner, which can be identified from Bartholomew company records now held by the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh.

From about 1911 until 1945 an abbreviated dating code was adopted using the last two digits of the publication year preceded by either an "A" or "B" indicating in which half of the year the map was produced, eg A14 indicating that the map was published in the first half of 1914.

By 1914 the OS was publishing competing maps also at 1/2" scale, but this lasted only a few years.

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