Dating of papal infalibility

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"But since in this very age, in which the salutary efficacy of the apostolic duty is especially required, not a few are found who disparage its authority, We deem it most necessary to assert solemnly the prerogative which the Only-begotten Son of God deigned to enjoin with the highest pastoral office.

For example, In Matthew , we are told that "the gates of hell shall not prevail" against the Church.

Catholic doctrine on the teaching authority of the pope is pretty clear, but lots of people badly misunderstand it.

More importantly, perhaps, many Catholic Match members have avoided going on dates because of it.

The passage identifies several conditions for the exercise of this extraordinary Magisterium.

First, the pope must appeal to his supreme teaching authority as the successor of Peter, as opposed to speaking merely as a private theologian, or making off-the-cuff remarks, or the like.

An exercise of the extraordinary Magisterium would, accordingly, typically involve some formal and solemn declaration.

When papal infallibility was defined by the Vatican Council in 1870, the non-Catholic world reacted with spontaneous hostility.


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