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The Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster is the signature model electric guitar of American guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan, based on his favorite guitar, Number One.

The guitar debuted at the NAMM Show in January 1992 and began selling at various music stores.

The signature model didn't go into production until 1991 at the direction of Vaughan's brother Jimmie.

The final product is essentially what Number One would be if brand new, featuring an alder body with a three-color sunburst and a polyurethane varnish; a thick, oval-shaped maple neck finished in a polyurethane gloss with 21 Dunlop 6105 narrow jumbo frets, 12" radius, and pau ferro fingerboard.

At that time, it was suggested that there might be as few as four replicas made.

In November 2003, Fender announced that 100 guitars would be made, priced at ,000 each, all made by John Cruz.

The guitar debuted at the winter NAMM show January 15-18, 2004.

The neck date simply refers to the date that the neck was produced.

Given the modular nature of Fender's production techniques, a neck may have been produced in one year, placed in a warehouse and remained in stock for a period of time, and then subsequently paired with a body to create a complete guitar in the following year.


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