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These Combat Arms Hacks are absolutely exclusive to this website and incorporates contributions from other reliable sources.

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The hacks are being updated at the moment but they will be back up shortly.

Reason it's taking longer than usual is because the coder is recoding the whole cheat. Our focus right now is getting the VIP and fixing the bugs it might have as well as add the missing features or the new features we're going to add.

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Hi, you can download the loader by following thread. I(Creator) Gordon Zea S c0bra GHOSTER tim0n zoomgod s0beit learn_more hans211 silex bobi bigxxx maxn darthton max(graphics) 2007-2017 D4RC.Download our client in order to use the public hack.We aspire to help out all our visitors to the website become the best they can be. We hope you have been enjoying our previous versions of the elite Combat Arms Hack Pack available free from our downloads section!Our software programmers have added a ton of new features and for the first time Combat Arms Hacksz has worked with well-known game hack developers to offer an even wider array of features and tools still up to our rigorous standards.R4Z8R (our coder) had the cheat online two hours before the game even went public!


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