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It is my personal heroin when I realize that another person is committing their night to being nearby me. Recovery is a lifelong process, sure, but what they don’t reiterate is that you’re still going to be the same person once you’re out of rehab. You are damaged goods.” Rehab has a culturally negative “ring” to it, much like “cow dung” or “tinder dating”…

I crave the instant attraction- the game of locking eyes till one gives in and comes over. And I love the feeling that you are free to leave if it changes. The long-term commitment of relationships are often lost on me. THE VALIDATION* My mind whirls when things get serious. You are not cured of fundamental habits; but more you are just now made aware of them… and while I’ve never had anyone respond to this confession with anything but empathy, it’s still an event that I have to continuously “explain” in person instead of how I often rather shy off to the clicking of my keyboard.

Moritz, Switzerland -- it's where the rich go to ski -- and looked real cozy on the mountain ... 36-year-old Elin met Chris, who's 21 years older, when she started building her post-divorce, mega-mansion in Palm Beach ... They split in 2014, but got back together late last year.

Nine years later, Crocker is once again at the centre of a media storm after pictures of what the entertainer looks like now were picked up by various news outlets, which commented on their change of appearance.

On Tuesday Crocker posted a video on Facebook addressing the recent resurgence of interest and responded to headlines that “Chris Crocker got hot”, making an important point about society's scrutiny over appearance.

“We should always feel attractive, not just when society tells us that we’re attractive,” Crocker said, “For many years of my life I have identified as transgender and I have not had the finances to transition.

Airports around the world have been covered in my tears as I’ve stood countlessly in the security line- waving goodbye to the 8-week “love of my life” that was standing on the other end.

2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years- doesn’t matter, I’m a love whore at whatever length of time.

I do get asked a lot, ‘Do you still have the videos?

Following the death of You Tuber Stevie Ryan, friends and family of the actress offered condolences on social media. On a picture captioned, “I’m definitely his granddaughter,” she wrote, “The man of my dreams will now only be in my dreams.

Ryan was discovered in her home on Saturday, just a few days after the death of her grandfather.

Jordan Fry is best known for playing the screen addicted Mike Teavee -- opposite Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka -- in the 2005 Tim Burton reboot 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' Guess what he looks like now at 24 years old and shirtless!

For the previous occupant of the 90.3 FM frequency (student-run station), see KUSF (defunct).


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