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The last thing I would have wanted was it to sound like it was written by a White man, which is why I’m there producing, casting and writing everything.”“The most dangerous thing about institutional racism isn’t the outer moustache-y comment like, “get out of here you this and that! It’s when people are passively racist like, “You can’t put an Asian as the lead, it doesn’t make sense,’ that’s extremely harmful.” “Had I been White, after my first movie, which was ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou,’ by Wes Anderson, I would’ve had agents knocking at my door. But because I represent something that’s an unknown, unclear, different, an ‘other,’ whatever that ‘other is.’ Nobody really knows what to do with these ‘others.’” views minority women.

I think some of my battle videos there are comments where people are reacting out of a, ‘wow, it’s offensive that an Asian woman is outspoken.’ People in this country can’t accept that yet.” “Where are the Asian leading men?

I would like to have a lot of kids one day soon, so I’m just planning ahead.

The ‘Barfi’ actor is rigorously hitting the gym to step into the shows of Sanju Baba.

Constance Wu (“Fresh Off the Boat”), Ken Jeong (“Dr.

Ken”), comedian Margaret Cho, Waris Ahluwalia (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”), Nora “Awkwafina” Lum, Vincent Rodriguez “We need more engagement and we need more support from everyone else.

We have to get this idea of invisibility out of our heads and [see] we are powerful and we are important to all of these conversations.” “I wanted to normalize an Asian-American family and it was a quiet progress that I wanted to make.

I wanted to show that we were a normal all-American family that happened to be Asian-American.


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